Never prospect again!

What if you had the opportunity to be introduced to ALL the business contacts of everyone you met in business?

A new and innovative way to generate leads and referrals for any small business or salesperson.

What Is It?

Our automated referral system allows you to become a member and add your contact list. Then, our system automatically refers the people on your contact list to each other weekly.

When a person on your contact list becomes a member, we automatically add you to the new member’s contact list.

As each referral happens, if the two contacts are members, we automatically add those members as contacts to each other’s contact list, so now you will receive referrals from the members you are referred to, thereby exponentially increasing the number of referrals you receive weekly.

Also, every contact you are referred to is automatically added to your own contact list unless you choose to block it, thereby increasing the size of your contact list.

Over time, the number of leads and referrals from an ever increasing number of members will resolve the largest issue all people in business have – a lack of prospects.

What if you could wake up every Monday morning and have 20-50 referrals sitting in your inbox?

Imagine unlimited leads and referrals that never end for only $20 per month! … About $5 per week!