Our Story

Four years of thinking and planning, and over a year of programming,  development, and testing.

That is what has been involved in creating, planning and implementing this revolutionary concept.

When I restarted my website design and Internet marketing business full time in 2009, I started attending a few networking meetings. My first was a BNI meeting in Dallas, Tx. Then I was invited to an independent networking meeting in Lewisville, Tx, and it was that one where I met a core group of people that would become my base of influence and business sources for the next 12 years. During that time, I would visit many more networking meetings. Some I was invited to, many I simply found on Meetup.com.

After about 5 years, I realized the inherent weaknesses, flaws, and difficulties with the standard networking meeting. They are generally great gatherings to meet a few people along the way. But they don’t usually produce the results that people want. The number of referrals being passed around is always very small. Why? It’s just not in our mindsets most of the time to be thinking about who we know and who they should be connected to. And, we cannot know the timing of when someone should be referred to someone. I don’t think that issue can be resolved but only in a very small number of cases. But what could be resolved was the actual lack of prospecting. I knew there had to be an answer to solve this that didn’t involve spending hundreds and thousands of dollars each month.

Then I had an idea. It slowly formed in my mind and it took some time to think it through and sketch it out on paper many times. Private discussions with my closest friends and business allies helped to prove concept.

What I needed next was to wait on the timing to implement this new business concept, because there has never been anything close to what we are presenting, and almost all the programming of the code was going to be from scratch. There was no previous coding we could borrow from and use or manipulate for the vast majority of the system.

After Covid hit in March 2020, and small business was mostly brought to a halt, we all were waiting to see what was going to happen next. By September, it was apparent to me that now was the time to build our platform.

Now, after almost a year, we are launching the Automated Referral Network. It will truly be the most important tool that small business has ever seen. We have solved the biggest issue that everyone in business has — prospecting for leads and sales.

We have also added Jeff Weaver as a partner to lend his years of experience in marketing and networking to aid in the growth of ARN.

The processes and algorithm is incredibly complex and unique, and we have even bigger ideas for the next development phase over the next year. We know that this system will be a Godsend to small businesses, and will allow them to receive unlimited referrals over time. No Google, no Facebook, no LinkedIn, or Social Media, just old fashioned email introductions – potentially, unlimited email introductions for only about $5 per week – the cost of a single coffee drink at Starbucks – less than a single fast food lunch.

Join and become a member. Take a couple of hours and add your business contacts. As long as you maintain your membership, and an average number of your contacts become members also, the number of referrals that you will start to receive every week will be a final solution to the one issue we all face in business forever – prospecting leads and referrals.

Imagine never having to pay for Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn ads to build your business success. Obviously, there are businesses that those solutions work well for, but the cost can be high due to the amount of competition.

The Automated Referral Network does NOT replace attending meetup and networking meetings. In fact, it enhances those personal relationships and builds upon them. Imagine walking into your next meetup and talking about how this solution is working for everyone. The standard networking meeting will become stronger and I think, will be more relevant to the attendees.

We wish everyone success. We know that what we have built can and will change your life and business.


Lynn Stanphill

The Team

Lynn Stanphill

Lynn Stanphill


Zebulan Stanphill

Zebulan Stanphill

Lead Developer / Programmer

Jeff Weaver

Jeff Weaver

Marketing & Sales