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Are we a networking group?

No. But we do enhance and help networking groups work smarter and better.

But you don't have to be in a networking group for our system to revolutionize your business.

Most people can easily take their current business relationships and create unlimited personal referrals with our system.

Networking Meetings

We fully support and encourage attending local networking groups and meetings. It's a great place to meet people to expand your network. Unfortunately, most people do not give and receive as many referrals as one would expect. Automated Referral Network can enhance and dramatically increase the success you achieve with these groups by enabling the people, who are members of ARN, to vastly increase giving and receiving referrals on an ongoing weekly basis.

Imagine how different most networking meetings would be if most of the people were exchanging referrals on a weekly basis to everyone in the group?

Automated Referral Network can make that happen quickly.

Is this MLM?

No. There are no signup or setup fees. There are no sales from members to members, or members to contacts. There is no override money or bonuses being paid to anyone. The only money changing hands is from members to the company in exchange for the ability to have your contacts automatically introduced to one another, with the opportunity to possibly be added to other members' contact lists.

What it does do, is it takes the concept of how an MLM business works and applies it to your current business, to increase leads and referrals, and improve your sales and success.

Is this cold calling?

No. No one is referred without a personal introduction, written by the referring member. If you do not provide a personal introduction, the contact or member will not be referred. The only exception to this is system referrals given to members to help them quickly build referrals for themselves, or as a fall back option to provide the needed number of referrals per week.

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being a cold call, and 5 being someone wanting to buy now, our referrals land in the middle, a 3 or 4. It is partially dependent on the member, the contact, the personal introduction, and the service or product being offered.

It is the personal introduction that we require that protects our network from becoming a cold call system.

Is this like Alignable?

No. Automated Referral Network offers an unlimited reach for less than $1 per day. We also offer unlimited referrals which are achieved through an automated referral system focused on personal referral messages.

Alignable is an online business community that offers free and paid memberships. It is sort of like an online Chamber of Commerce, based around small areas or communities, as they call it.

While it does offer the opportunity to connect and share referrals with others, there are several issues we have identified.

  • The free version offers little in terms of benefits, and the paid versions generally don't pay for itself for most people.
  • Their communities are not large enough in our opinion to achieve any great success. It appears you need to buy up to the Regional membership, which only includes about a 25 mile radius vs our unlimited radius (if your business operates in an area that large - otherwise it's generally a 150 mile radius, but you get to decide).
  • Extremely time consuming to try to have success. In order to have any success,  you must spend a lot of time on the website participating in their forums and making connections. It is very much like traditional LinkedIn marketing. With us, once you have initially entered your 30-50 connections, it's only about 15 minutes per week to keep things moving.
  • The target is generally businesses - like LinkedIn - and not individuals in business. This really comes down to branding. Most small business will have better success when the focus is personal relationships and not business relationships, which is why our system is mostly a relationship model.
  • Most people have a negative view of Alignable due to the way they built out their network of free users by importing all the contacts of the free members, and sending invites using your name and reputation. We do not do this.
  • Although you can do personal referrals on the system, it is not automated and must be done mostly manually. Our referral network is automated and you still have the opportunity to do manual referrals if you choose.

Automated Referral Network provides the best solution for small business when it comes to referrals.

Why should I pay to exchange leads and referrals?

How many referrals do you give and receive now? weekly? monthly?

How much are you spending per month at these activities?

  • Meeting potential clients for coffee, breakfasts, lunches, and happy hour drinks?
  • Google Ads? ... Facebook Ads? ... NextDoor Ads? ... Instagram Ads? ... YouTube Ads ... Craigslist Ads?
  • Print Ads? ... Post Cards, Mailed Brochures, Weekly Mailed Ads, etc.
  • TV and Radio Ads?
  • How about Alignable, LinkedIn Ads, or LinkedIn Premium?

    Networking Meetings

    We fully support and encourage attending local networking groups and meetings. It's a great place to meet people to expand your network. Unfortunately, most people do not give and receive as many referrals as one would expect. Automated Referral Network can enhance and dramatically increase the success you achieve with these groups by enabling the people, who are members of ARN, to vastly increase giving and receiving referrals on an ongoing weekly basis.

    Imagine how different most networking meetings would be if most of the people were exchanging referrals on a weekly basis to everyone in the group?

    Automated Referral Network can make that happen quickly.

    How does the Automated Referral System work?

    Our automated membership system implements a process whereby a person becomes a member and adds their contact list (business relationships) to our online database.

    Our process automatically refers the people on the contact list to each other.

    When a person on the contact list becomes a member, our process automatically adds the referring member to the new member’s contact list.

    As each referral happens, if the two contacts are members, our process automatically adds them to each other’s contact list, so each member will receive referrals from the members they are referred to.

    Also, every contact you are referred to is automatically added to your own contact list unless you choose to block it, thereby increasing the size of your contact list.

    Over time, because the member’s contact list continues to increase in size, as does the number of members’ contact lists they are on as contacts, our process provides each member an increasing number of referrals and sales.

    Analysis – The BIG Picture - What is really happening?

    Multiplying this process for a more realistic analysis:

    If you add 50 contacts to your list, and only 10% or 5 become members – then you are automatically placed on 5 contact lists … 50 contacts each = 250 new referrals – 5 referrals per week for the next 50 weeks.

    Then, with 250 total referral contacts, and if again, only 10% or 25 become members -- then you are automatically placed on 25 contacts' lists. That is 1,250 new referrals or 25 referrals per week.

    You will be getting 30 referrals a week at this point for the next 50+ weeks. And that doesn’t take into consideration the growing number of referred contacts and new member referral partners you gain, the longer you are in the system.

    You likely never have to prospect again. But, you do still need to add personal referral messages for each contact and member that is added to your contact list, and continue to build personal relationships outside the system with networking meetings and such, and slowly add them to your contact list for even more potential leads and sales.


    • We also provid an auto-reply message for all the referrals you receive. Our system will reply for you within 24 hours to try to get the referred contact to talk about scheduling a phone call.
    • We also text message all referrals to let them know they have received a personal referral from you. We do this to bring it to the front of the mind and to make sure that any that land in spam folders will be found.
    • We also will send out an encouragement email for you on the 3rd day after the referrals go out, urging the connections to connect.
    How do I get started?
    1. Sign up to become a member.
    2. Confirm your email.
    3. Click Your ARN Profile and confirm your phone.
    4. Click Your ARN Profile and complete your own personal profile. - We strongly suggest you record a quick 1-2 minute video introducing yourself, load it onto YouTube, and place the link where it asks you to. This video will be used in all referral emails and will greatly improve your success in connecting with people for leads and sales.
    5. Click Your Contacts or Add A Contact and add your contacts with all the required info on each one, along with the personal referral message to start the automated referral process.
    6. Our system will send out referrals once a week on Tuesday mornings. Each referred contact will also receive a text message telling them that you have referred them and that they need to look for the email and check spam if they do not see it.
    7. A valid contact is someone you have added, or was added to your contact list, and is referrable - you have filled out all the necessary information and written a personal message for them.
      • If you add less than 10 contacts, you will receive 1 per week for 6 weeks, then reduced to 1 per month - same as a contact.
      • For every 10 contacts you add, you will receive 1 referral each week as long as there are referrals to give:
        • Add 10, get 1 per week.
        • Add 20, get up to 2 per week.
        • Add 30, get up to 3 per week.
        • Add 40, get up to 4 per week.
        • Add 50, get unlimited per week.
        • Our system will attempt to provide you your number of referrals that are based upon your active contacts, but there may be times, there are no more referrals to provide.
      • Our projections to achieve success are based upon initially adding 30 contacts. The more contacts you add, the better success you will enjoy - because a percentage of your contacts will become members and you will be added to their contact lists. As long as they write a personal referral for you, you will receiving referrals from them. Our averages thus far, are 1 out of 10 contacts become members.
    How do I add my business contacts?

    The total time it takes to manually type in a contact is about 3 minutes.

    Most people with 30-50 contacts will spend about 2 - 3 hours at most, depending on how quickly they fill in the required info on each contact.

    • You add each contact one at a time. This is the best and easiest way to add contacts. (We do have a CSV upload option, but you will still have to open each contact and finish adding their information)
    • If your contact is already in our system, their current info will be copied over to your list and you can make any updates or changes to it if you choose.
    • Your must write a personal referral message for each contact you add - otherwise, they will not be referred. We have a personal message builder to help.
    • We suggest that once you have added all your contacts, that you consider doing manual referrals to the ones you think should be connected, then allow the system to handle the rest.
    Will all my contacts be referred to one another?

    Yes, unless you choose to block them.

    Contacts will receive 1 referral per week for 6 weeks, then they are slowed down to 1 per month. This would generally provide them referrals for years to come. If they choose to become a member and add at least 10 contacts to their contact list, then they will receive 1 referral a week again.

    In order for people to be referred to one another, they have to have the opportunity to sell one another. Therefore, if 2 people have exactly the same business category, and no others, they will not be referred to one another, If they both have a second business category that the other does not, then they will be referred to one another.

    If someone else has already referred your 2 contacts to one another, you will still have an opportunity to do so. You can either manually do it, or our system will reconnect people after 45 days from their last connection, as long as the referring member is different. (We do this in an attempt to take advantage of different relationships people have with different people.)

    Also, each contact is considered to be a local reach business limited to a 150 mile radius from the contact's zip code.

    Members that are contacts have more control over who they are referred to. They can reduce the size of the radius down to 10 miles, or increase to the entire nation, or add states one at a time.

    Can I control the referrals?

    You have the ability to block any pair of contacts so that they do not get referred to one another.

    You have the ability to block any contact so they do not get referred, or if you do not write a personal referral message, the new contact will not get referred.

    You have the ability to do manual referrals at any time.

    We have also provided an auto-reply message that you can write yourself or use our message builder. This auto-reply goes out 24 hours after the referrals are sent. If you choose to write a personal one at the time of the referral, you will need to log into your app and turn the auto-reply off on the Referrals Received page. You can also turn the auto-reply off if you do not want to communicate with the referral, and even have the option to block them, or simply not write a personal message for them.

    Advanced Referral Filters (not usually recommended)

    You can control who you get referred to on others’ contact lists, thereby increasing the percentage of relevant referrals targeted to your client profile.

    BUT ... Although this can be of benefit, it has major drawbacks. It will block many secondary referrals because you're not communicating with referrals that you chose as “not in my target list”. Many of those referrals are (or will become) Members. If you block yourself from getting referred to them, you miss the opportunity to possibly gain access to their contacts, because you will never be added as a contact on their list. Remember, you never know who they might know.

    Control Options:

    • Ability to lower or increase your reach from 10 miles radius to nationwide. Individual states can be added as areas you work in.
    • Block referrals to you by business type.
    • Block referrals to you by business category.
    • Block referrals to you by business association.
    What is the guarantee? (of referrals)

    Guidelines for the number of referrals provided based upon the number of referrable contacts you have in your personal referral network (your contacts).

    • Less than 10 contacts - 1 weekly referral for 6 weeks, then 1 per month.
    • 10 to 19 contacts - 1 referral per week
    • 20-29 contacts - 2 referrals per week
    • 30-39 contacts - 3 referrals per week
    • 40-49 contacts - 4 referrals per week
    • 50+ contacts - unlimited referrals per week

    If there are enough members in your personal referral network (your contacts), then we guarantee that you will be referred to the number you have acheived with the number of referrable contacts you have.

    If you do not, we implement what we call a system referral, which means we will refer you to another member that is not connected to you, but they have at least 20 contacts.

    If you are in an area or situation where there are not enough members to refer to you (as in a new area that we aren't established in), then we could only refer you to people that are at the state level or national level - assuming you are at one of those levels. If not, then we will not be able to refer you to anyone that week, but when one does become available, you will be referred the following week.

    The number of weeks we do not have enough to refer to you will be counted and accumulated and given to you as they become available.

    Can I cancel my membership at any time?

    Yes, but there will be no refunds provided. You can cancel your membership and it will end at the end of your monthly payment date. When you cancel your membership, you will no longer be automatically added to your contact's list if they become members. Your contact list is frozen with no new added contacts and members.

    You will continue to receive a monthly referral if you are on others' contact lists, unless you choose to opt out of those members' lists, or block all communications with us.

    If a previously connected contact that you were introduced to becomes a member, you will not be automatically added to their contact list.

    Your contacts will continue to be connected at a rate of 1 per week, or month, until they are all referred to one another.

    If you decide to re-activate your membership at a later date, your account will still be there to re-activate, unless you unsubscribe from all communications, in which case, you must start over again.

    Can I unsubscribe from your communications?

    You can opt out of our internal marketing, technical, and partner offer emails. These are handled by our newsletter system.

    You can block (unsubscribe) yourself from a particular member's referrals.

    You can block (unsubscribe) from all system communications. If you do this, your email will be blocked from ever receiving communications from us.

    If you are a member, and you block (unsubscribe) from all system communications, your account will be cancelled.


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